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"'He Doth Really Possess All Things': Union with Christ in Edwards's 'Miscellanies'"

The Jonathan Edwards Miscellanies Companion: Volume 2 (JE Society Press, 2021)

"Lord of His Treasures: Regeneration as a Work of the Son in the Theology of Jonathan Edwards"

Regeneration, Revival, & Creation: Religious Experience and the Purposes of God in the Thought of Jonathan Edwards (Pickwick, 2020)

"The Populist Puritan: Jonathan Edwards and the Rise of American Populism"

Jonathan Edwards within the Enlightenment: Controversy, Experience, & Thought (Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2020)

"A New Trinity: The Trinity ad extra in Edwards"

The Miscellanies Companion (JE Society Press, 2018)

"Did Jonathan Edwards Help Inspire the Modern Missionary Movement?"

A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards (JE Society Press, 2016)

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