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A New History of the Baptist Mission in Burma

The Gospel Coalition February 28, 2024

When were the "Golden Years" in America?

World February 23, 2024

Early Baptists Weren't A Voting Bloc

The Gospel Coalition February 19, 2024

"Paedobaptism Hath None": Why Harvard's First President Resigned

Desiring God November 3, 2023

Sojourner Truth Was a "Double Woman" in More Ways than One

Christianity Today November 3, 2023

Southern Baptists Are Both Missional and Confessional: A Response to Rick Warren

The Gospel Coalition June 12, 2023

Have Southern Baptists Ever Been More Divided?

The Gospel Coalition June 9, 2023

Did All Baptists Wants a Wall? Early Postures Toward Religious Liberty

Desiring God April 8, 2023

Lyman Beecher's Prodigal Son: The Story of a Runaway Who Came Home

The Gospel Coalition March 20, 2023

Baptists, Slavery, and the Road to Civil War

The London Lyceum November 14, 2022

America's Mythology of Martin Luther

The Gospel Coalition October 30, 2022

Edwards with a Southern Accent: How Northampton Made Waves in Dixie

Desiring God October 24, 2022

John Leland: Theologian of the First Amendment

Liberty Fund September 20, 2022

How Jonathan Edwards Influenced Southern Baptists

The Gospel Coalition July 29, 2022

The Sermon That Divided America: Harry Emerson Fosdick's "Shall the Fundamentalists Win?" 

The Gospel Coalition May 21, 2022

Was Alexander Hamilton a Christian?: The Troubled Faith of a Disgraced Founding Father

Desiring God October 8, 2021

What Did Jonathan Edwards Think About Religious Liberty?

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission November 7, 2018

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